Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We stuck in the mud and Jukka's last day (19 April 2009)

We had a surprise when we were going to the station this morning. Since it has been rainy for almost a week, it was very muddy and our van stuck in the mud this morning. We could take it out by the help of a tractor coming from the village. However it was cloudy and cold in the morning, it became sunny in the afternoon. We spent the afternoon by washing our van. Sedat flushed a purple heron to the nets and caught it by hands. It was also a good day for migration including a short-toed eagle, an epgyptian vulture, a golden eagle, a short-eared owl and a red-throated pipit. We ringed 17 birds out of 9 species. Two of them were new species to this season.
Today was also Jukka's last day and we are very thankful to him for his contribution to our ringing station. He is again very welcome to Aras next year.

Today's birds are:

Song thrush
Great reed warbler
Purple heron
House saparrow
Willow warbler
Semi-colored flycatcher

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  1. We thank Jukka for his excellent assistance to Aras and KuzeyDoga. I hope he has enjoyed his visit and he is welcome to visit us again any time.

    Thank you Jukka.

    Cagan Sekercioglu