Monday, May 25, 2009

World Migratory Day at Aras Station (10 May 2009)

KuzeyDoga Society has celebrated the World Migratory Bird Day at its Aras River Bird Research and Education Center situated near Yukari Ciyrikli village, Tuzluca, Iğdır. Over 40 people and 15 students participated from Yukarı Cıyrıklı village, Gazi Teachers' School and Iğdır city. The celebration was honored by Iğdır Director of Environment and Forestry Mr. Taner Tazegün and Kafkas University professor Dr. İsa Özaydın.

There was a demonstration of bird ringing led by master ringer Sedat İnak. Students learned about bird ringing and its importance for monitoring bird populations. Volunteers James Kuria Ndung'u of Kenya and Emmanuel Rey of Switzerland added an international flavor. A nice surprise was the spontaneous agreement between Yukarı Cıyrıklı citizens and director Tazegün to reforest and protect a barren area overgrazed by sheep and goats. This will make the region even more important for migrating birds.
We ringed 109 birds out of 27 species.
Today's birds are:
Reed warbler
Cetti's warbler
Red-breasted flycatcher
Willow warbler
Thrush nightingale
Great reed warbler
House sparrow
Red-backed shrike
Sedge warbler
Spotted flycatcher
Spotted crake
Little bittern
Garden warbler
River warbler
Marsh warbler
Mountain chiffchaff

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