Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 October 2009

KuzeyDoga had its most hectic week ever. Somehow, everything came together in one sleepless week. We simultaneously hosted two documentary crews, organized and celebrated the II. Kars-Igdir Nature Festival that spanned three provinces, hosted Alim “Flying Man” Yildirim who took aerial photos of our focal wetlands with nine paramotor flights, collected vegetation samples for our wetland restoration experiment with Dr. Sean Anderson, and ran two bird banding stations, while coordinating the coming and going of dozens of volunteers and festival guests. All with a staff of five!

Fortunately everything went well. Nobody got left at the base of Mt. Ararat during our field trip and The Flying Man completed all his flights flawlessly, while obtaining priceless photos and HD footage of the wetlands we are trying to protect. We thank him, our volunteers, the dedicated documentary crews, and our guests. Special thanks go to our festival supporters: Eren Dairy of Fuat Uluman for bringing the Flying Man to Kars, United Nations Eastern Turkey Tourism Project for the festival t-shirts and hats, Igdir and Kars governors, Kafkas University, Kars Municipality, Arpacay and Akyaka district governors, Igdir and Kars Departments of Environment and Forestry, Kuyucuk and Yukari Ciyrikli villages. We collected critical data, obtained unequaled aerial images, saw great birds, and also managed to party a little to the tunes of some talented musicians.

Today we ringed 35 birds out of 10 species.

Today's birds are:

Caucasian chiffchaff
Reed warbler
Cetti's warbler
Garden warbler
Siberian stonechat
Moustached warbler
Penduline tit

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