Wednesday, April 15, 2009

11 species in one day (12 April 2009)

It was again very cold in the morning and got warmer in the noon. Since we started, we had the most diverse day of the season. We not only observed, but also ringed the first black cap of the season. 5 professors and associate professors from Kafkas University Veterinary Faculty visited us at the station and our ringer Sedat Inak gave them brief information about what is being done in the station. He also showed ringing process of a bird as demonstration. We ringed 21 birds out of 11 species. We observed ravens and magpies around the carcass we left yesterday, but not vultures yet. We also saw an osprey catching a fish over the ponds around our station. Today it was an important day for our Finnish ringer Jukka because he ringed his first house sparrow :-)

Today's birds are:

Pendilune tit
Siberian stonechat
Black cap
Great tit
Water pipit
House sparrow

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