Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A very good day of new species (11 April 2009)

It was very cold in the morning and it even snowed until noon. In the afternoon it was very sunny and the snow melted. Today is one of the best days of ringing since we started since March 15. We also saw 3 black vultures soaring over our station. Sedat and Onder drove to Tuzluca for shopping and saw a dog carcass hit by a car on the way. They carried it on the other side of Aras river just opposite of our station to attract vultures. The carcass is visible from the station and even magpies started to come today. We also had a very new species of Aras station and ringed a wood pigeon.The other interesting bird of the day was a male sparrowhawk that we ringed. We ringed 30 birds out of 10 species.

Today's birds are:

Cetti's warbler
Pendilune tit
Song thrush
Willow warbler
Lesser whitethroat
Wood pigeon

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